FAQs about the Review

What is the purpose of the review?

To support the success of the College of Trades as it moves into its second year, and based on the feedback of skilled tradespeople, Ontario has appointed Mr. Tony Dean to review issues related to:

  • the scope of practice of trades, and
  • the process and criteria for the review of the classification of trades as compulsory or voluntary.

The scope of the review is limited to these specific areas of the College’s mandate.

How long will the review take?

The review will take up to one year. During the review, Mr. Dean will provide regular progress reports to the government that would include stakeholder consultation activities, and a final report and recommendations.

Can stakeholders help the reviewer with his work?

Mr. Dean will consult with stakeholders. Given that is an independent review, it will be up to Mr. Dean to structure the review process and consultations with stakeholders.

Enquiries regarding the review may be sent to the contact information provided on this website.

Will the review affect operations of the College of Trades?

The scheduling of hearings for trade classification reviews will be put on hold until Mr. Dean has completed his review and any relevant recommendations are implemented.

Otherwise, it will be business as usual at the College. The College’s members and clients will not be affected operationally and will continue to receive the same services.

What will be done with the reviewer’s recommendations?

When the appointment concludes in October 2015, the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in consultation with the College of Trades will have the opportunity to analyze and implement key recommendations resulting from Mr. Dean’s independent review of issues related to the scopes of practice and the classification and reclassification of trades.

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